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    Then sign up to make your lawn a Livable Lawn!

    It’s easy – Read through our 8 requirements and sign on the dotted line. Once we receive your application, we’ll send you a free soil test kit and your reporting sheet. Fill out the sheet as you fertilize throughout the fall and once we receive it, we’ll send you a free $50 gift certificate for purchasing native plants at select local nurseries and garden centers.

    *Applicants must be Delaware homeowners who fertilize their lawn.

  • Learn MoreDid You Know...

    That the great-looking lawn many of us aspire to have comes at a significant environmental and public health cost?

    Photo of backyardFertilizers and pesticides are used by homeowners to maintain and improve the beauty and quality of their landscape. We may think what we apply to our yards stays within the boundaries of our property, but runoff from fertilizers and pesticides can have a big impact on our local streams, creeks, lakes and rivers.

  • Learn MoreDelaware Livable Lawns Practices

    Leave grass clippings on your lawn.
    Include more than just grass in your landscape.
    Verify that your lawn needs fertilizer by testing your soil before application.
    Apply fertilizer according to directions.
    Be sure to sweep excess fertilizer and lawn clippings off your sidewalks and driveways.
    Leave fertilization until the fall.
    Establish a no-mow buffer around waterways.

  • Learn MoreWhy is Soil So Important?

    Healthy soil is a must for thick, strong grass.

    Photo of soilHealthy soil is teeming with life and activity. It's rich in organic matter, insects, earthworms, air, water and nutrients. Caring for your soil should be as important to homeowners as it is to farmers. If you’re doing more than moderate fertilization and mowing, you may be killing your soil with kindness. What’s the secret recipe for a healthy, good-looking lawn, free from chemical "dependence?" It’s simple – less is best! 

  • Learn MoreBecome a Livable Lawns Certified Company Today!

    The Livable Lawns Program certifies lawn care companies that follow environmentally-friendly practices in fertilizer application while educating property owners.

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How-To Videos:

  • Taking a Soil Sample:  
    Why & How and How Often?

  • How to Interpret Your
    Soil Test Report

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