Don’t use more fertilizer than is necessary for the size of your yard. Too much fertilizer can actually weaken your lawn, making it more susceptible to pests, weeds, and disease. To avoid purchasing and applying too much fertilizer, you need to carefully measure your yard to determine the square footage.

You should only apply 3 pounds or less of nitrogen to your lawn a year with no more than 1 pound per application. To calculate the amount of fertilizer to apply 1 lb N to 1,000 square feet follow these steps:


Be certain to READ the instructions. This is vital for any type of lawn fertilizer. Make sure you know what you’ve purchased, how and when to apply it, and how long to wait before watering. See our Fertilizer Chart to learn when to apply fertilizer. Lawn fertilizers should have clear instructions and warning labels.

Most homeowners use a spreader, drop or rotary, to apply granular fertilizer. While either is sufficient, a rotary spreader is less likely to leave a striped pattern on the lawn showing areas that were missed. It’s wise to spread each fertilizer application in two directions.

Lastly, if you don’t feel comfortable undertaking this on your own, hire a certified lawn care professional. They’re happy to help.