The goal of the Delaware Livable Lawns initiative is simple – reduce fertilizer runoff from lawns.

By providing you with the necessary information to apply the right product, in the right amount, at the right time, you will maintain your healthy, beautiful lawn and partner in protecting our environment.

Want to earn some free plants to make your yard more beautiful and help our environment at the same time? Then sign up to make your lawn a Livable Lawn.

It’s easy: read through our 8 requirements and sign on the dotted line. Once we receive your application, we’ll send you a free soil test kit and your reporting sheet. Fill out the reporting sheet as you fertilize throughout the fall (according to the Livable Lawns guidelines) and once we receive it, we’ll send you a free $50 gift certificate to purchase native plants at select local nurseries and garden centers.

Download the list of participating garden centers.

Keep reading to get tips on Managing a Healthy Lawn, the 7 Steps to a Livable Lawn, Gardening Courses, or find a Certified Company to help with your lawn care.